Scientists have categorized the songs of a Raven into 33 unique vocalizations for each situation. Like the raven, Fire and the Romance use the medium of song to explore situational and emotional landscapes.

Luring the listener into their own “Theatre of the Heart”,  “Adaptations” the debut album from F&TR explores a wide range of emotion, cause and effect, and conflict.

The band was born out of the complex and eccentric mind of South African born Front-man Dion Roy. Roy an accomplished singer-songwriter, was on tour in Europe when he inexplicably awoke one brisk October morning with the beginning framework of a brand new sound in his head. Consumed by this vision Roy immediately returned to the United States and set out to develop and explore what would eventually become “Adaptations”.

Adaptations was relentlessly curated with great thought and complexity. Not only the lyric & music, but the images, the design, and the story-telling visuals were all meticulously constructed within the vision of Fire and the Romance. All of these elements come together to create a “Theatre of the Heart” for the listener. Fire and the Romance’s music is fluid, the songs are inter-connected, a product of cause and effect.

Conflict and resolution show up throughout “Adaptations. Will the songs be mischievous and provoking, or dark and dangerous? Or will they be all of the above at once like the debut tongue-in-cheek track “She’s A Devil.”  Of the second single, Roy says, “Way Down Below was born out of a pretty vocal melody idea I had, that grew in just a few hours into this untamed emotional demon, complete with sharp teeth and a killer haircut.”

With the album cover image of an impossible sight–a lush tree in a thirsty desert—the album contains themes of other such adaptations to scenery and scenario. Cause and Effect.

In “Rescue,” Roy sings, “If you’re lost on the ocean, the chaos is closing. Not giving up. Hold tight and I’ll find you.”

This is how the music of Fire and the Romance will find you, engage you, and undoubtedly win you over.


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